Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi again on this U


As you know me Tuesday is abbreviated as U in my system. M, U, W, H, F, Sa, Su is my system for the days of the week.

The picture here is the house I live in Stayton. We live in the downstairs and Nolan lives upstairs.

We are getting more and more tomatoes now. Need to start eating bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch. Not the traditional BLT but BT for me.

I want to find a few buckets of prunes so I can can about 12 quarts of these. I love canned prunes.

I also have about five pounds of Gravenstein apples in my frig here. I make applesauce with these apples. I usually make just one big bowl to eat fresh but I have enough apples now to can a few quarts of applesauce once I start processing the apples tomorrow.

I am re-reading The DaVinci Code in preparation of reading The Lost Symbol when it comes out in two weeks. I forget how preachy he gets in parts of the book. He preaches his theories through characters in the book. I assume we will see the same thing in his new book. The Lost Symbol is a sequel to The DaVinci Code. I can hardly wait to read the new book.

Why do people like to live in the LA area? Fires in the summer. You can count on mudslides in the winter if we have another El Nino this winter, as predicted for this year. Plus the unexpected earthquakes there. Don't get me started on the lack of water in that area. Just wait until they cannot get enough water from northern California. They will cry for a pipeline from The Columbia River to get water from it to southern California. What is your opinion of shipping our water to southern California? If you are like me, I would rather see the billions of gallons of fresh water to enter the Pacific Ocean than ship one drop of it southern California.

Xenophobia. Love of your area to the detriment of other areas. It is one of two phobias I have. My other one is fear of closed spaces. Cars do not do this but trying to sleep in cab-over camper. I was to sleep in the small area above the cab. I ended sleeping on the floor rather than sleep in that small area.


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