Friday, September 4, 2009

Prunes on Friday...

Good morning:

I started my prunes this morning. I am heating the water in the canner. This takes the longest tine of anything in the canning process. Later I will make the syrup and heat the lids. Then I will start cutting up the prunes and putting them in the quart jars.

The picture here is an electric car with the motor and controller in the front of the car. The 12 volt batteries are in the back of this car. It has a range of only 40 miles between charges.

Are you traveling for Labor Day? We may go see a movie today or tomorrow.

I started reading Methland last night. it is about the small Iowa town of Oelwein (pronounced OL-wine).

I heard about a new way to cook meth yesterday on NPR: use a juice bottle and hook it to your bike wheel and ride around town. It cooks while you ride your bike. You get about 10 grams of meth but usually not enough to sell. Why? WHY? do people do this???????

The Ducks lost night. It is going to be a long season for my beloved Ducks.

Once again, I did not watch the game; I heard the score on NPR Morning Edition today. I do not like watching football on TV.

Baseball is going to be bad this year if the Yankees go far into the playoffs. I hate the Yankees so i will not watch any of those games unless I see their opponent way ahead.

Breakfast is done so now time to do my prunes.


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