Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi again

My second posting today:

I watched Glee on Fox today. It was a repeat of the May premiere.

If you watched this week or last May and you want to see the last production number of TV program you can see it on UTube. Click on this site to see a good version of the song Don't Stop Believing (initially performed by Journey):

The picture is from uTube. You will not see a video of the performance but just hear the music. Look in the right hand column to see other related uTube performances.

This TV show is of interest to me because I was in Boy's Glee at Regis. It started when I was a freshman, and I was ordered by the principal to go to auditions. Being a freshman and mostly fearful of priests at that time, I went to auditions. I ended up in the baritone section and as MC for our public performances.

Unlike the glee club in the TV show our glee club was big for the size of the school. Over 65 boys in the glee club and over 100 girls in Girls' Chorus, out of a school with about 200 students then.

Glee at Regis was 7th period of the day so none of us had to miss football, basketball or baseball practice to participate in Glee and Chorus. We even produced a few records of our performances. I assume they are with my ex-wife at her new home in Salem. Besides I no longer have a record player to listen to the record.

I recall our glee club was very good. I would like to listen to our records again sometime soon.

It is amazing what one can find on the Internet.


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