Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Raining here hard today

Hi again:

I am going to try something different today. Just one picture, this one from the Jordan Dinner. The old cars all showed up again here. These cars came from the 19-teens.

We shall see if we get a proper separation between paragraphs.

I had a strange dream last night. I was entering my senior year in college and had to make my schedule of classes. I had four classes set up but then I found out I needed just 3 more hours to graduate, so I needed to take only one course. But I wanted to take all four classes. Who knows how and why we dream these fractured fairy tales.

Some of my friends tell me dreams mean something in your life. Not me, dreams are just, as I as I said, "fractured fairy tales."

I have been summoned to jury duty in Marion County on Oct 13. I got called to jury duty just before leaving for China two years ago. Seems like I am getting it too often here. They take your name from the driver license records.

On my prior jury service, I did get called for an interview by the attorneys, but both knew me as well as the judge knew me, so I was excused.

I plan on taking my Kindle with me when I go the courthouse for my jury service.

Have a good week.


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