Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday morning

The picture here is a stellar speeder, a star that moves fast. It shows four different pictures of this star that likes to move fast. Again the Hubble Space Telescope found this star.
I finished The Last Ember last night. I was planning on reading it over 3 nights, but yesterday not much happening yesterday so I spent the day reading with just a few breaks.
Today I will start making my sauerkraut. Like I told you, I do not like to eat it, but with fresh cabbage and a crock here I may as well make some. It will take 3 weeks for it ferment. I will give some of the fresh stuff to my dad, but can the remainder. Then I can give cans of sauerkraut as gifts later this year.
I opened my peach syrup last night. It is so good on pancakes. This was my dinner last night.
I wonder if I turn on my Kindle at 9:00 pm tonight if The Last Symbol will download then. It is midnight in New York so I wonder if it will be available then. In any event tomorrow I will have it on my Kindle. I wonder too about the my reservation of the book and the audio book at the library. I made these reservations about 3 months ago. I wonder also if I am the first one to reserve it. We shall see when I check my reservation list in the morning tomorrow.
Next Sunday we are heading to Depoe Bay for 3 days. With the minus tides in the later p.m. our clamming will be in the evening during the rest of this year. I will show new pictures from that trip upon my return. I do not plan on taking my computer with me to Depoe Bay, so I will be dark for the three days of September 20, 21 and 22.
I can access the Internet on my Kindle but I never tried it before. The Whispernet that lets me download books is actually an Internet connection. I will try to access my email account from the Kindle then to see how it works.
Have a good week.

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