Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day


I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day by not working.

Raining again this morning but it suppose to get hotter later in the week, more like the summer we are still suppose to be in.

The picture here is a low tide at Newport. It was so low at -3.0 feet, there was no water under the bridge at Newport.

Has anyone listened to the Glee TV show from the link I provided yesterday?

I taped the last 7 episodes of Lost so today may be a Lost day, watching all of the last 7 of them. I do not see Lost on the schedule of ABC yet. I looked over the list of new TV shows this season. There is not much there that interests me. I am taping every one of Jay Leno's show. His show is on at 10:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Like we keep calling our listening music records even though they may be CDs or downloads. I keep call it "taping" but I have a DVR here, so there is no tape, just a hard drive in the DVR.

Did you go camping this weekend? Get rained on?


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