Monday, September 28, 2009

Cooling down, rain expected rest of week...

Monday here:
Fall is in the air today. No rain today, but rain every day for the rest of this week. No more hanging clothes outside for the foreseeable future.
The pictures here are from the Jordan Dinner. The top picture shows what it looked like about half an hour after the five us got there. Upon first arriving to eat there only about 1 table was full. I went on stage to take this picture and the picture below the first one.
The second picture is the cake table. All cakes are home-made and all were excellent even though I had room only for one piece of German Chocolate cake. First German Chocolate I ate for more than 15 years. So very good.
I downloaded an audio book to my Kindle today. It took almost 2 hours to get it done. I then deleted it as I did not want that book on my Kindle. I will find some other audio book from Library2go, which our library supports and shows up on the new webpage of the library, revealed to us today.
I finished Vanished last night. A page-turner near the end, but with stock characters such as a Blackwater-like organization that runs the wars and near wars of the U.S.
My next book is Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11. I want to read about the great conspiracies that permeate this world for the past 90 years. I will give you updates on this book during the next few days.
Just past 6:00 pm here now. Cloudy all day with rain expected tonight.
I cooked some hamburger tonight, put cooked it too long. I had some tomatoes from our garden to with the over-cooked hamburgers.
I have a few brownies left today. I will eat the last one later tonight.
Have a good week.
P.S. Again, I double-spaced between paragraphs again, so I do wonder how it will show up once I post it. (I edited the post once I published it, to triple space between paragraphs so see how this works.)

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