Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello again


The picture here is an older car from Jordan Dinner Car Show.

This time I will use just one picture. I was able to fix the prior two posts but not the one earlier today. We shall see how this one operates when I post it.

I do wonder some times how I get books from the library. I picked up two today and one last week where I do not remember where I got the book recommendation to reserve such a book.

Now I have 34 pages on my Kindle. Each page holds 12 items, so I have much to read on it. Now I have seven books from the library here too. What to read next is the big problem for me.

I ride my bike to the library and to Safeway here. I cannot buy much when I am on my bike as I can carry only about four bags of groceries when biking to the store.

Spaghetti tonight for dinner.

I do hope your day went well.


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