Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perfect Saturday: Ducks win and Beavers lose

Hi again:
The pictures here show what is left and what is right where we stayed in Depoe Bay.
A perfect Saturday: Ducks win big and Beavers lose again. I cannot ask for a better result.
Today I am probably going to the Jordan Dinner today. I am not sure yet. We shall see...
This week I am getting a flu shot, a regular flu shot. I did not get one last year, getting back from China too late to get a flu shot. I got the flu last year, but not this year.
With seven books here from the library and 3 more waiting for me, there will some I do not read.
Not much happening here today. I got up just before 5:00 am and I have listened to the four stories from last night's All Things Considered.
I will go to Safeway a little later to the Sunday Oregonian. I need to read about the great Duck victory and the Beavers loss.
Hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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