Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday morning


I went on a bike ride around Stayton yesterday and took some pictures, one of which is here. Daffodils and Narcissus are all over the place around here.

I am trying to find a clam shovel here, but the two places I visited yesterday did not have one. Ace Hardware did not have one even though I saw one in the Newport Ace. I also rode my bike to Bimart but it had no clam shovel there. My next trip to Salem I will check Walmart and Dick's (the successor to G. I. Joe's).

I am reading now Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory. Like I told you earlier I enjoy reading books on China.

I have a book waiting for me at my local library here called The Man from Beijing.

I know I will continue my interest in books discussing China.

I changed the size of the pictures on this blog so you can see the detail better. I must have also changed the type style as the printing is larger also.

I had subscribed to Time on my Kindle but again I find I do not read magazines on it so after two weeks I canceled my subscription. With magazines and newspapers each Kindle owner gets a 14 day free subscription. My Time subscription free time ends on March 5, but I did not want to wait to next week to cancel it.

Another nice day here so I hope you enjoy it.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting more acquainted with new computer


I am getting better with my new computer. It helps to have my old computer here to watch what I have on it, and try to get on my new computer.

Look closely at this picture. This is one of Bill's pictures he sent me a week or so ago.

I watched tonight The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. I then went to YouTube to find the song by Gene Pitney. I noticed the movie did not have the song, but did have John Wayne saying "pilgrim" a lot.

I am listening to the Kindle Chronicles now. It is a podcast I downloaded to this computer. I listened to this Friday podcast since the first one came out when I was still in China. I have written a few letters to Len Edergly, the podcaster. He read a some of my letters over the air.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. I forgot to take off the spell checking feature so a few of the words show up in yellow.

New laptop

Hi again:

I am writing this on my new laptop I got today from Best Buy.

I don't have any of my pictures on this computer so this picture is one of the standard pictures on this computer.
I will tweak this site tomorrow to make it look like the way I want it.
I have been trying to set websites using Windows 7 instead of XP. It is better than Vista, since I have experience with Vista, which I don't like at all.
I am surprised how much brighter this screen is than my old computer.
I need to delete my email account from my old computer so I can put it on this one, keeping everything I have instead of having to re-write all of my email addresses.
Tomorrow I am going to try to make a new website using Frontpage. But Frontpage 2003 is on my other computer.
I am taking this computer to a friend here who has a computer repair business. He will put on Office 2003 if he can. All of my documents on other computer, contained in a USB drive, is all with Word 2003. Office 2007 makes documents .docx. I want .doc on all of mine.
So you know what I am involved in for the next few days.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now a Thursday...


This picture is my favorite football team, the Oregon Fighting Ducks. Willamette Week ran a
contest to give the team a new name, especially in light of its recent troubles. The name chosen is Chain Gang Green.
An apt name I do believe.
I finished Nothing to Envy last night. It is such a good book on North Korea, a country I have not paid that much attention to in the past.
I am going to the library to pick up seven books I have there.
Not much happening here today. I continue looking for grants at
Hope you weekend will turn out right.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday now...

Hi again:

Stayton has 3 waterways running through it. This picture shows the Salem Ditch, which is what we call it. Dug in the 30's to be a source of water for a mill. It comes from the Santiam River by a gate. Chinese men dug this stream.

The Santiam River is our southern border. It is a big river.

The third waterway running through Stayton is the Power Canal. Again, it was dug in the 30's to run an electric power plant. Again, it comes through a gate on the Santiam River and has big fall in one place, to operate a generator.

I just remembered there is a fourth waterway in Stayton. It parallels the North Santiam River. The power canal dumps into it; there is quite a fall for the power plant.

We can fish in the North Santiam River and the Salem Ditch but not the Power Canal or the 4th waterway. Years ago we used to be able to fish these two waterways but not now. I am going to send a letter to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to ask that these two waterways be opened to fishing again.

Years ago, when I was on the Board of Directors of the Stayton-Sublimity Chamber of Commerce, I gave this town the name of Rivertown. It stuck so now many people call this place Rivertown.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010



The picture here is the covered bridge in Pioneer Park. This bridge (actually is predecessor) was moved here from Jordan Creek by the National Guard and volunteers. Linn County was going to destroy this bridge when it going to replace it. But some thoughtful people here (including yours truly) came up with the idea of moving to our park. The original bridge was destroyed by a fire due to faulty Christmas lights. Volunteers and a mill worked together to replace it just like the way it appeared.

For some years during Summefest we played bridge on the bridge. It was indeed fun to sit at bridge table on the deck on the bridge.

It is finally raining here, but not hard. I plan on going to Safeway this afternoon to complete a list I have here.

I finished typing Redemption, all 56 pages of hand-written of an epic poem. I typed about six pages a day, but not on weekends. My next typing job is another epic poem called Creation. It is 46 pages long. I will type it but I will not type the last one, Sanctification, as it is 97 pages long.

I do hope your week is going well.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello again

Hi again:

This picture is Pioneer Park in Stayton. Before the Columbus Day storm on Oct. 12, 1962, this park was full of fir trees. If I took a picture the day before the storm, you could not see to the back of the park for the trees. The day after the storm I went to the park. I could walk end-to-end in the park on fallen trees.

Also the day after the storm, a neighbor called my dad to tell him his walnut trees fell down. We went down there, my dad, my brother Ken and me, and picked bushel after bushel of walnuts. My father dried them in the attic and for 10 years after that my brother and I had to crack a large peanut butter jar of walnuts each Christmas season for my mother. She used the walnuts in fudge (bad for it takes the place of chocolate in the fudge) and her favorite, divinity.

I know I told you this story before when I was cracking my own walnuts, the first I have done since those fateful days at home with a large peanut butter jar.

I am going to spend this evening reading.

Hope you have a good week.


Monday morning here...

Good morning:
The top picture the Brown house in Stayton, now being remodeled by volunteer help. It was the first hospital in Stayton. My mother was born there.

This bottom picture is the creek that runs by Pioneer Park. This where, many years ago, I took swimming lessons here. The water was much deeper then. On the right side of creek you see cement steps. When I took swimming lessons here the water covering the bottom step.
I took 31 pictures of places around Stayton and they will show up during the next few days.
I was up early today, 5:00 am. I am not tired now, as it is nearly 8:00 am. I worked on my computer, copying articles from The New Yorker and The Washington Monthly. I added quite few more articles to my Kindle. I need to start reading my Kindle more. The page count went from 50 to 58 pages.
I may be going to China in the next few months.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday morning here now...

Good morning:

The picture here shows sheep on an island.

It appears we will have another nice day here. I plan to take my camera outside to take some pictures to show you what it is like here in Stayton.

My apple crisp did not turn out well yesterday. The topping did not get hard. I cooked it for 25 minutes instead of the 30 to 35 minutes as called for by the recipe. I think my next one will be cooked for 30 minutes to see if the topping gets harder.

I suggest you read Nothing to Envy to see a country without the freedoms we take for granted here in the U.S.

I thought China as lack of freedom, but North Korea people have no freedoms at all. I understand why people defected to China to get away from this onerous country.

Enjoy the day here.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Very nice Saturday here...

Hi again:

The picture here is one of Bill's Heaven on Earth pictures of a tunnel with big cliff on top.

It is a very nice day here. I was able to hang my clothes outside today again, and everything gets dry.

I made another apple crisp today. I will not eat it for a few days. I am not hungry too much these days.

I am watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have never seen this movie before, with Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn. I recorded 2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010, a sequel to that movie. I recorded the first movie to hear Hal's voice again. I am surprised how many people smoke in these older movies. Kissing a girl who smokes is like licking a dirty ashtray.

I continue to read Nothing to Envy, a story of the people of North Korea. It is the only country left in the world that relies upon collective farms, a throw-back to the old Commie days. It fails to work in North Korea as many people have small gardens and neglect the collective land.

North Koreans have no freedoms at all. It is the worst kind of dictatorship. I am sure the dictator and his minions eat well there, have all the western devices, while the people of his country die from famine by the millions. I thought Mao was a bad dictator but he holds no candle to Kim Jong-il.

I do hope your weekend is going well here.


Friday, February 19, 2010

My damaged computer screen

I know, I told you I would post a picture tomorrow of my computer screen, but I wanted to show you

The middle of the Google page is not a fault but the daily picture on Google showing events at the Vancouver Olympics.

But you see the two lines starting on the bottom of the screen.

Any thoughts if this screen can be repaired?


Tis the weekend now...

Hi again:

I know I showed you this picture before, but now I am reading the book that shows this picture: Nothing to Envy. It is about North Korea. This picture shows the country at night, where there is no electricity. During the 1970's North Korea had plenty of electricity and food, but the policies of the last two dictators of this country caused this country to fall from being a developed country to becoming one of the worst of the 3rd world countries.

With no lights outside in any city, the book opens with a story of a young girl who meets her boyfriend after dinner where they can walk and talk in the dark city. They walk to parks and other places, all out of electricity. The parks are broken down, with many trees cut down for firewood.

Most of her book comes from North Koreans who defected from the North and now live in South Korea. This is an excellent book about North Korea, now in control of the worst dictator in the world now. He perpetuates the policies of his dictator father, both the worst kind of men.

The book title comes from a common slogan around North Korea that says: North Koreans have nothing to envy in the west. Right, no electricity and no food, now a 3rd world country that once was a developed country.

It was warm here again today. I think will have one more good day before the rains return. I used the clothes line to dry clothes yesterday. It was so nice to have clothes dry outside.

I have been typing the poem all week long, but I will not type on the weekend. Instead, I have a book on Frontpage 2003 to start work on a webpage for our new company.

I dropped my computer a few days ago, so now I have one black line that looks like a stripped feather crossing my screen from the middle to the right corner of the screen, ending in the feather top. I don't know how to fix this or even it is possible to fix it.

I don't want a new computer with Vista or Windows 7. I want another one with XP only. I also want the 2003 versions of Microsoft Office, not the later versions. These are the main reasons I want to fix this computer and not get a new one. Tomorrow I will post a picture showing what my computer screen looks like now.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now, today is Thursday

Good morning:
This picture shows the battery pack for the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car coming out later this year. It has only 48 lithium ion batteries, giving it about 100 miles between charging. We plan to put nearly 100 lithium ion FE batteries in cars here, giving us more than 200 miles between charges.
With the Leaf, you buy the car but lease the batteries as Nissan does not know how long the batteries last so it will replace batteries as they lose power.
I am typing the late Raymond Geraths poem, Redemption. It is 56 pages long, hand-written. I type about six pages per day and I have less than 20 pages to go now. We are planning on publishing this on the Kindle after July 1. That is when the author's share of each book sold goes from 35% to 70%.
It has been warm enough the past two days here to go outside in shirt-sleeves. Feels nice to have spring-like weather.
I have one bunch of rhubarb coming up now. I wonder if I need to fertilize it? What are your thoughts on fertilizing rhubarb?
I watched curling on the Olympics last night. What a strange sport......
As I mentioned yesterday, I thought yesterday was Thursday, now today is Thursday.
Have a good day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday here now

Good morning:

The picture shows my favorite dog: an Irish Setter.

It was nice and warm here yesterday, over 60 degrees. Nice to go outside in shirt sleeves.

I am now reading Massacred for Gold: The Chinese in Hells Canyon by Gregory Nokes. This part of Oregon history I have never heard of but it deserves a major part of Oregon's history. In 1887, 34 Chinese miners were killed by a group of rustlers and older school children. The author thought the killers wanted the gold the Chinese miners had mined. But he quickly comes the conclusion that the killers slayed the Chinese miners because they were Chinese. Pure racism... The Chinese miners were mining a small creek in Hells Canyon, the deepest canyon in the United States.

For some reason I believed briefly that today was Thursday. My wall calendar shows the 17th is June.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Federal holiday today

Good morning:

The picture here is a house on the top of a mountain. This is one of Bill's Heaven on Earth series of picture he sent me a few months ago.

It is Presidents' Day here, a federal holiday, but not a state holiday. Banks and post office is closed but everything else is open.

I am reading The Vagrants, a novel of China a few years after the Cultural Revolution and after the world's worst dictator, Mao, died. It takes place in an area of China called Muddy River. I don't think this place exists but it is an excellent novel. I like reading novels and nonfiction about China. I guess it sparked my interest during the two years I spent there.

My next book is 1491, a book of what America was like before us white people came and destroyed most of them.

I do hope your week goes well.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Feb 14....


The picture is one of the towers falling on 9/11.

Today is Valentine's Day, the first year of the Chinese New Year (year of the Tiger) and the 151st birthday of Oregon.

I was 10 years old in 1959, the 100th birthday of Oregon. Many men, but not me, obviously, grew beards to be like founders of Oregon in 1859.

I did try to grow a beard in college to go with my moustache. My moustache came out fine, but as my beard grew it came in dark red. My father was known as Red as a youngster, due to his red hair. I thought the red gene had bypassed me but there it was in my beard. Needless to say, that beard did not last long. With dark brown hair and dark brown moustache, a dark red beard certainly did not look right...

I have a cold so I am taking pills that not to make me drowsy. But not in me. I take one 24 pill and it knocks me out.

Dinner time here.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend is here...

Hello again:

I hate to keep reminding you of what happened on 9/11 but these are new pictures just released from a news helicopter. It shows the smoke and dust from the first tower falling.

Are you watching the Olympics? Not me, as I have no interest in this; when I was in China I had to watch the Summer Olympics which we the most boring Opening and Closing Ceremonies I have ever witnessed.

I heard on the Kindle Chronicles podcast this morning that Amazon Prime customers (those who pay $79.95 a year to get two-day free shipping from Amazon) may be getting a free Kindle. It is not set yet, but in the works.

I plan to spend the day reading. I have not spent a weekend reading in some time, so this weekend, where it is raining out, is perfect for doing nothing but reading. I have two books here from the library and four more waiting for me. Plus, I have so much on my Kindle...

Hope your weekend goes well.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Tis Friday....

Hi again:
The next few photos are new ones released from Sept. 9. It shows the smoke and ash as it travels through downtown New York.
I made apple crisp today. A very nice dessert for the coming weekend.
I am going to spend this weekend reading for a change.
I am monitoring possible sales of Raymond's ebook of poems. I posted a free poem on Smashwords as Amazon Kindle does not allow free books on its Digital Text Platform. I had to post notices on five different Kindle Yahoo sites. I see seven copies have been downloaded of the free poem. But no sales yet...
Have a good weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

H again and hot water is here!!!!


This is the last of the ID theft pictures. This one is obviously faked. But funny nevertheless.

We finally got hot water today after a week of no hot water. Cold showers are to be avoided.

Even when I was camping I had a portable shower, a thick black bag that hung from a tree. Put water in it and it would heat up. A hot water shower out in the wilderness.

I am learning to make websites. I have Front Page on my computer so I will use that program as way of learning how to create websites. I want to make two of them, one for my company here and another for Chinese food recipes.

You in America do not know what good Chinese food tastes like. It bears no resemblance to what we call Chinese food in America. What we have here is America's idea of what Chinese food should taste like. Except for white rice, food in China is not like anything you have ever seen or tasted. I love the food of China. How else could I lose 50 pounds in the two years I was there.

I plan to go back to China this spring.

Hope your week is going well.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day and rain, what a mixture...


This picture is the second on in the identity theft pictures from Bill in Eugene.

I fell down this morning on the back porch, hitting my chest against the cement stairs. I do not feel anything yet, but later today I assume my chest will be hurting. I slipped in the mud near the bottom of the stairs.

I tried to put Ray's poem on the Kindle page today and put a price of zero on it, but the page kept telling me I had to put at least $.99 on it. I wrote three emails to Amazon DTP support to ask why I could not put it on there for free. I was told using Digital Text Platform, I had to put a price on it. But, I told them, I see thousands of free books on the Kindle page. How do those books get on there for free and I cannot get mine, as a publisher, on there for free. Three responses and still no satisfactory answer from them yet. Amazon said they are working on getting DTP to accept free books but not yet.

So now you know what I have been doing all morning here.

My quest continues this afternoon as well.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

U here and dry


The picture here is one of a series from my friend Bill in Eugene. These are identified as identity theft pictures as one in the picture is a fraud. I will post a few more of these in the coming days.

I went to the library today to read the yesterday's and today's paper. I wanted to read the reports on the football game.

Listening to podcasts today. The New Yorker comment is here every week. I am listening to How Stuff Works podcast. Today is on SWAT teams and how they work. Their podcast comes out twice a week.

I un-thawed some raspberries yesterday, which I got at the NORPAC company store in Salem. Cold raspberries are so good.

Still no hot water here yet. The new one is here but tomorrow morning the repairman will finish his project by putting it in. I took sort of shower today, with two big pots of warm water. I feel so much better doing that.

Only one book from the library today. I reduced my waiting list from 14 to 8 yesterday, canceling six of them, books I wanted to read but I can wait until sometime later.

My Kindle is getting more stuff I need to read. The March issue of The Atlantic came out today online so I added 3 more articles from it to my Kindle. I am now up to 55 pages on my Kindle page, with 12 per page. I have a SD card in my Kindle that is 2.0 GB. With 55 pages the space is now 1.1 GB left on the card.

A few days ago I wrote a comprehensive report on my accident on April 1, 1992. Write me or make a comment on this blog if you have any comments or questions about my report.

Have a good week.


Monday, February 8, 2010

M here

Hi again:
I thought you may see what I looked like in China. This picture was taken in Hong Kong with downtown Hong in the background.
I am watching a movie I recorded a few days ago: On the Beach, a 1960 black and white movie. Watching it I thought of the book by Nevil Shute. I do believe I read this book in high school but I ordered it from our local library to read again. I also have Catcher in the Rye coming from our library, another book I read in high school but not in school.
We could never the nuns to let us read a book like this for a class. We had enough trouble my junior year to let us read a book different from the one scheduled. We convinced our nun/teacher to let us read Lord of the Flies.
I developed my reading habits in high school. By the time I started working in the cannery during summers I found myself reading 5,000 pages each summer as I worked a graveyard shift.
Reading is my avocation.
The last two days I spent watching season six of 24, so not much reading over the weekend. I got the DVD set from our library here. I will go the library tomorrow to ask them to buy season seven of the series. I would rather much watch the DVDs of the long TV series like this than watching every week. My DVR is recording season eight now, but I will wait some weeks to watch it.
I take everyone who watched the football game yesterday enjoyed it. I watched 24 instead, from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm and then finished it this morning early when I got up.
I have another black and white movie to watch tonight. Seven Days in May was a favorite book of mine in high school. I read it once every summer for four years. This is how I came to love political novels and mystery novels.
Somehow I got on the mailing list of these crazy right-wing nuts. Each has a survey enclosed. I fill out beyond what they expect, plus I put Go To H... and F...You on every demand for money. I hope they get the point and take me off their mailing lists.
Have a great week coming...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hi again


The picture is one from the top of the sale on a sailboat.

My nephew Chris Schwindt wrote on his blog about his accident in July 2005 where he fell off a trail into a lake. This got me to thinking about my car/train accident in 1992.

I may have told you parts of it in this blog before but not the whole story.

So here is the entire story.

On April 1, 1992 I was driving from work in Canby to my home in Stayton. I took a different route that day, a route I sometime took to see different scenery. (I tell you this story about the day of the accident even though I don't remember any part of this day nor any other day till about five weeks later; I get this information from friends and family so much so that I felt I know what happened that day and the days after).

As I approached the train track I did not speed up nor did I slow down. I simply passed three cars waiting for the train to pass. I drove around those three cars and around the railroad arm that was down. I hit the 52nd car of the train, a tanker car filled with a dangerous liquid. I had hit the train car near the middle not the exact middle. I had hit it in the middle the tanker would it would have exploded the car with a big crater resulting from the blast. But I did not cause the tanker to explode.

The train dragged me over five miles not knowing my car was under the train. The train pulled over to a sidetrack and the fire crew alerted the train engineer of my situation.

Two rescue crews arrived, one from Aurora, near where my train was located. The other crew was Canby fire department. An off-duty EMT saw the wreck happen at the intersection in Canby. He traveled along a road that paralleled the train track. He radioed the crew from Canby to come to my aid.

As a side-note, on a TV program in Seattle, I found out the Canby crew had videotaped the rescue. On the videotape you can hear them talking to me and ME answering the questions. I was pinned in my car as they tried to get me out.

Around 11:00 pm my wife appeared at the hospital. She told me the only way she recognized me was from my hands and my long fingers.

I was in Emanuel Hospital for two weeks. I remember none of it. My wife created her own medical team of doctors at Salem Hospital. Her doctor there told her she could move me when she saw me sitting up and talking. She, of course, wanted me to be talking to her and she fully expected that to happen as visitation was limited to immediate family. But she stopped by to see me only to find me sitting up and talking to a fellow-Rotary member who was there to visit me. He was a minister so he could get into see me as a minister.

My wife then told the hospital in Portland to move to Salem Hospital. She was also upset at a doctor in Portland who wanted to put a steel plate between my chest and ribs to let my ribs heal. She talked to the doctors in Salem and others who told her not to let them do that.

My wife had them transport me from Portland to Salem in an ambulance. I was not breathing on my own so a nurse had to inflate a bag in my tracheotomy to let me breathe. I was surprised there was not an automatic one.

Once I arrived at Salem Hospital for long stay there.

I got the Last Rites of Catholic Church twice after my accident. Once the night off the accident by Fr. Heuberger, a Parrish priest at a nearby Church. The second time was in Salem on Easter Sunday. All of a sudden I became unresponsive that day. No one ever explained to me what happened that day. All I know was that I got the Last Rites of the Church again on that day.

About 10 days before I left Salem Hospital I started remembering things. It was during those last few days there the doctor told me what was wrong with me. He said he told me many times before that but obviously I did not remember. This time I did remember. He told me to start at my head.

Did my left eye hurt? No, I said. I fractured it the doctor told me.

Did my jaw hurt. No, but I suspect something is wrong because my teeth were wired shut. My broke my jaw in seven different places and that was why my teeth were wired shut.

He asked about my ribs, which I told him still really hurt. He told me I broke 16 ribs, many in more than one location.

I was still traveling by wheelchair, much to my dismay as I felt I could walk. The doctor told me stand on my left leg only and tell him if that hurt. I said no. I broke my left pelvis.

Next he told me to sit on the bed and he would push on my right leg and tell him if that hurt. I told him. The doctor told me I broke my right pelvis in a weight-bearing area and until that healed I would be in a wheelchair.

Within a week he walked in to tell me I would be released. He called my recovery a "miracle" as he had no explanation of how well I recovered.

But my time in a hospital was not over as I was heading to the Rehab Unit of Salem Hospital, located at the old Salem General Hospital grounds.

My time where I greatly disliked...actually I hated it. I slept very little during my time there. I was sleeping only four to five hours a night.

Every morning a slip of paper appeared under my door, my schedule for the coming day.

I ate in the cafeteria there only one time as I had to drink my meals. Drinking my meals while others ate their meals was just too hard on me. I was still using a wheelchair there.

I had three goals during my time in rehab. One, to get of the wheelchair; two, to get out of rehab; and three to get wires off my teeth. As it turned out my goals happened in just that order. I was happy about that.

By the time I got out of Rehab I lost 40 pounds.

I was so weak when I got home I was so weak I had trouble walking to our mailbox just about 50 feet from our front door.

I still had to walk with a cane. I got to come home for a one weekend during my stay there. I went to Church with my family. Friends came up to me to tell me I looked like a ghost.

I had to use a cane because the doctors at Rehab did not want me hit by other walkers. He took me a local mall and walked without a cane in a large crowd. No one got out of his way and he was walking in the crowd. He then took a cane and walked in the crowd. It was like a parting of the waters to see him walk in the crowd. People got out of his way and gave him a large path. He gave me the cane and told me to walk with it. He was indeed right. No one came near me when I walked with a cane.

I did have three videotapes of TV programs I appeared in. I gave them to bridge players in Eugene. I don't know if I ever got those back as I cannot find them here. I appeared on Good Evening in Portland, on RealTV and KIRO in Seattle.

This is most of the story of my car/train accident from April 1 1992.


a 24 Day here

Hi again:

Today I am watching the sixth season of 24 from two years ago. I will watch it all day. You will watch football--I will watch DVDs all day today.

I still have some of last Sunday's paper to read yet. So I will not continue buying the Sunday paper if I don't finish it. I can get the news from my computer. I check The New York Times website and The Oregonian's website for my news as well as NPR. No need for the daily or Sunday newspaper.

I am sure this what newspapers fear these days, people not buying newspapers anymore and instead getting news from other sources.

My dad just brought me two breakfasts from the Shaw Parrish. It sure is good.

The picture here from from Hubble.

Have fun watching the football game. I will see the final score on MSN.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

A movie celebration..

Hi again:

The picture here is Miss Expo. The World's Fair is in Shanghai later this year. I may time my trip there to see the World's Fair, now called Expo.

This has been a Peter O'Toole week for movies. First, I watched The Man of LaMacha, then Becket and today How to Steal a Million.

Each movie on TCM are excellent. I picked these movies not knowing O'Toole was in each one.

I have recorded The Magnificent Seven and How the West Was Won. I don't think Peter O'Toole is in either one.

The hot water repairman is coming at 6:15 tonight. I hope he can fix the water heater. I think we need a new one as hitting the reset button on the water heater does nothing to it.

Have fun watching the football game tomorrow.


Super bowl..what a bore...

Hi again:

How are you doing this fine Saturday morning in Oregon?

The picture here is my Kindle in its Oberon cover, showing the tree of life. It is a replacement cover; the cover that comes with the Kindle is a black one that has straps that hold the Kindle inside the cover.

There are over 4,000,000 Kindles out there now, but I do wonder if anyone who reads this blog has a Kindle.

As I told you before, I do not like to read articles on my computer. Both newspaper articles and magazines are too hard to read on my laptop, so I copy them to Word, then send it to my free Kindle account. I then get back an email with the article in the Kindle format that I download to my Kindle when I hook it up to my computer. I know, too much "sausage making" for many of you...

No football for me tomorrow. I will finish the DVDs of 24 and watch some of the other programs I recorded in the past weeks.

Plus I have 3 books to get through in the next 10 days, so that, too, is on my agenda.

Waiting here for the repairman to fix our water heater. Taking a cold shower is just too much for me these days...


Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend approaches


The picture here is one of the main actress's on Royal Pains, a TV show that I like to watch but has not been on TV for some time.

It is not raining here today, for a nice surprise. We are suffering from a strong El Nino this year, according to a story on NPR this morning. More rain in California and big storms in the Midwest. The mid-Atlantic states are getting a big snow storm again these coming days.

TMC is showing Oscar-winning movies this week and next. Tonight I am recording at least four of them, a few of which I saw many years ago and some I have never saw.

With DirectTV here now, I can record 2 shows at a time and watch a recorded show while the two shows are recording. With our former DISH network here I could not watch a TV show if the recorder was recording just one show. Worse like in the old days of VCR....

I am not watching the Super Bowl again this year. I never watch it if I can help it. Instead, I recorded Lawrence of Arabia two nights ago and I will watch that long show on Sunday afternoon instead of football.

Plus I have 3 books here I want to get through in the next few weeks. One is 1491 a story of what America was like before the white man came here.

I also have the sixth season of 24 here in DVD to watch tonight and tomorrow. I have not seen the seventh season listed anywhere. I know I am recording 24 as it comes on each week. I will watch those shows once I get through the DVDs of prior seasons.

I failed to watch the last eight episodes of Lost before the new year started last Wednesday. So I must watch last season's shows before I can watch the new season this year.

I bought the earlier seasons of Lost while in China. One season of Lost cost me 20 rmb, about $2.93. I may have left those in China.

I am now on draft number 12 of Raymond Geraths epic poem, Redemption. I am giving Nolan just one more read before we call an end to the edits and put it on the Kindle page as a free item. We wrote up just 14 pages of this 54 page tome. Creation is 49 pages and the last one, Sanctification is the long one at 91 pages.

Once we get those poems typed up I am giving Nolan only six times to read and correct items, not the 12 to 15 he gets with this partial poem.

At 14 pages of Redemption, we are only have 26% of that poem finished.

Hope your weekend goes well.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

H now

Hi again:

The picture here is the world's largest flower. It blooms only every 3 years and that is why people are looking at it. It is in bloom now.

For some reason I must sleep very restless. I have 3 blankets on top of my quilt to give me the added weight I need to feel comfortable in bed. By morning, all three are on the floor. I don't wake up during the night but I do wonder how much I toss and turn each night...

I am reading a book The Vagrants by Yiyun Li, a story about a girl being executed post-Cultural Revolution time in China. My time in China gave me an interest in stories about China.

I read articles in The New York Times about China. I listen to NPR stories about China. The government of China is a bunch of old men still holding to the old bankrupt ideas. They have married free-market capitalism to their stupid Communist government standard. The choice it gave its citizens a corrupt bargain: we will give you jobs and you will be happy with that you will not notice the bizarre system of the government, with its reliance on bribes and corruption.

I may be going back to China in late March or early April. I will have to get a tourist visa to get in, but when I arrive in Shanghai, I will get a new visa, called a business visa that lets me stay in China for a year before it expires. From Shanghai, I will go back to Xi'an (pronounced "SHE-ann"). From there to Beijing and to Shenzhen to visit battery manufacturers there. Shanghai in on one coast and Shenzhen is on the other coast of China.

China is about the same size as the United States, but with 1.4 billion people, compared to our 350 million people.

Earlier on this blog I noticed that I moved from the State of Oregon with about 3 million people in the entire state to Shanghai, a city of 18 million people.

I made my cranberry pie a few days ago. I used walnuts I cracked, but there were a few small pieces of shell in the pie. I found I really like cranberries in my pie, so yesterday I bought Craisins, dried cranberries. I will see if I like to eat these.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Raining today...hard...

Hello again:

The picture here are the new uniforms for the Chinese army, modeled by a model.

It is raining here today, very hard at times. I got wet going shopping today.

I bought some coffee beans at Costco today. I ground the beans myself, and I have it here with me now. It sure makes the room smell so very good.

I have someone who reads my blog in Salem Oregon that comes from Holy Names nuns. I did not think there were any more Holy Names nuns in Salem. I had two aunts, sisters of father, who were Holy Name nuns. One tried to claim my recovery was based on prayers to the founder of the Holy Name Society. I was contacted by a representative of the nuns after getting out of the hospital but I did not follow up on it as I don't have any faith anymore.

I do not believe, that is, I have no faith at all anymore. I don't believe in god, whomever she is. I certainly believe nothing written in the Old or New Testament. I try to go to Mass occasionally but my lack of faith prevents me from getting anything useful from attending the Mass.

After my release from Salem Hospital, at which time I could start to remember by then, the doctor came in to tell me he was releasing me. He said he could not understand how well I recovered. As far as he was concerned, it was a miracle in his mind that I recovered so well.

Two weeks later, up on my release from Salem General Hospital Rehab Clinic, the doctor there told me my recovery there was a miracle in his mind. There is no way, he told, I could recover and leave after only two weeks there. No one, he told me, spent such little time in the rehab unit.

So, two miracles about my recovery in 1992. And me with such little faith now....


Monday, February 1, 2010

Tis Monday now...


No, this picture is not from Avatar, but one of Bill's pictures of Heaven on Earth from my friend Bill in Eugene. Just fog among the trees.

Not much happening here today. I need to visit the library to return some books and pick up at least four more. I will wait until it stops raining to do that.

Yesterday I spent the day reading articles on my Kindle. I added so much over the past 3 months and had read any of it. I am trying to get below 52 pages that it currently stands at. We shall see how long it takes to get below 50 pages.

With The New Yorker coming out every Monday I rather doubt I can get below 50 anytime soon. I download at least 3 articles every Monday from it. Plus I download articles from The Atlantic and The Smithsonian as well as other magazines from their online sites. Today I downloaded other stuff that I need to read and consider.

Hope you have a good week.