Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday morning


The picture here is a butterfly galaxy, as identified by the Hubble Telescope people.

Right now I am watching a TV program on C-Span 2, BookTV on weekends, of an interview of an author of a book I have here from my library: Real Enemies: Conspiracy Theories and American Democracy, World War I to 9/11. It is not due back to the library until Oct 1, so I will read it after I finish The Lost Symbol this week.

Until next Tuesday I am reading The Last Ember by Daniel Levin. It is a debut novel by this author. It is a tale seeking something Josephus took from the Temple in Israel before Titus raided it. I am over 1/3 through it now, reading it last night. A little too predictable for me, as I can foresee what is happening. I usually do not like books where I can predict what is going to happen. John Grisham comes to mind as a quite predictable author. But this book is good enough to keep reading to see how it ends. I have some ideas how it will progress and I want to see if I am right.

I will finish The Last Ember Monday night. Tuesday morning I will turn on my Kindle to find The Lost Symbol added to it.

Once I see this book added to my Kindle, I will visit my dad later in the day to download it to his Kindle. He shares his Kindle with my account. So whatever books I get from Amazon on my Kindle go on his Kindle.

Time for some breakfast here.


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