Friday, September 11, 2009

Good morning


This is a sad anniversary: Sept 11. The picture here is the New Yorker cover that came out just weeks after the event. Look closely and you see the two towers in silhouette on the cover. Back in those days I had a subscription to The New Yorker, but coming out every week, I got farther and farther behind.

Once it became available on my Kindle I had a subscription there. But, like the print edition, I got behind reading it on my Kindle. So I canceled that subscription.

Then I discovered how to get New Yorker articles to my Kindle. I find the article I want to read from the New Yorker website, copy it to Word from the Print page of the website, correct the font and save it. I then email it to (my name) and it comes back within seconds in the proper format for downloading to my Kindle. I use the USB connection between my Kindle and my computer and save the articles to the Kindle in this way. I now have 33 pages of stuff on my Kindle. This is because, like the New Yorker, I do not find the time to read the articles on my Kindle. Too much other good stuff to read here.

I added a counter to my blog. This counter tracks from where the person reading it comes from. I can see that most reads come from Stayton and two from Portland. I cannot tell WHO reads my blog only where that person is from who reads it.

My dad read my big copy of The DaVinci Code and I was surprised that he liked it. He is a very conservative Catholic and I thought he would not like the premise of the novel, that the Holy Grail is not a cup but the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I tend to believe this over much of what the Catholic Church teaches. But no rant today.

Another warm weekend of summer coming up.


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