Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday morning...

How are you this morning?
The pictures here are from recent events. The top one is taken from near the ocean looking back to the bridge in Newport. The second picture is a VW that is all electric. It is an older VW to show you that any car can be converted to all electric.
I am watching the shows I recorded during the past few days. As I write this I am watching Real Time with Billl Maher. A good liberal. I do not watch Fox News and it is not on my TV when I scroll through the channels.
If I go to the Jordan dinner tomorrow I will take my camera to show you what the dinner is like in this very small parrish.
I have two books waiting for me in the library here, but with six books here now, I will wait until next week to pick them up.
I do not know why the posting of these blog entries do not show paragraph separation. I double space between paragraphs as I write this. I can never predict what this will look like when I post it. I will try get this to work like it should when I post it.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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