Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from the coast...

Hello again:
Two distinct images from our trip to coast. The top picture is from our deck of our place in Depoe Bay. The bottom picture is a dead seal I found on the beach in Newport, near the North jetty.
We saw a pod of grey whales at the Otter Crest turnoff of Highway 101. There is a permanent pad of grey whales there that apparently stays there around the year. I do not know why they do not migrate like other grey whales.
I have many more pictures from our trip to the Oregon coast I will share with you on this blog.
I finished Cold a book about the cold weather around the world. It is a very good book. I stopped reading it when The Lost Symbol appeared on my Kindle. I have 5 books waiting for me at our local library.
During this vacation, I read over 25 articles I moved to my Kindle during the last month. Today, finding more articles on The New Yorker website and on The Atlantic website, but this time I identified, in the title of the article, whether it came from the NYer or Atlantic. That way, when I read it in the next month I will know where it came from. Moving to my Kindle identifies me as the author when I make the transfer to my Kindle.
I found my quarter collection just before I left. I collected the state quarters ever since they it in 1999. Coming back from China I had to collect the final two years of it, the years I spent in China. I went to Safeway early morning upon my return and found all of my missing quarters in the cash register there.
I slept so very well on the coast. We had the glass door open to hear the crashing waves all night long. Big waves crashed outside on the cliff below our place. I slept over 8 hours last night. I never sleep that long.
Birds awoke me this morning. There is a big rock where birds nest on the top and side of the rock all night long. Them awakening in the morning got me awake by their noise this morning.
I do hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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