Monday, September 14, 2009

Good morning

Hi again:

Hubble says this is a planetary nebula. A nebula caused by an exploding planet.

I prepared the brine for my sauerkraut that I will make tomorrow. The brine, made with Kosher salt, must be room temperature when I pour in on the cabbage in the crock.

Have you seen the SyFy show Eureka? This fictional town is set in the northwest, according to some the characters. Last Friday there was a scene in Sheriff's office. In the background was a state flay from the state of......Oregon. I had recorded this program so I went back to this scene as soon as I saw it, froze the picture to see the blue and white flag of our glorious state.

I watched both Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2. I recorded each from the Spike network on cable. I could tell it had been "edited for content" as there was no cussing nor much violence.

I got an email from Amazon today, telling me The Lost Symbol will download to my Kindle at midnight tonight.

I usually do not leave my Kindle on overnight, turning it off when I got to bed. Also, once I turn it on I rarely turn on the Whispernet as it cuts the battery time from about a week to less than a day when whispernet is on. I am not sure I will download it tonight. If I do that I may not want to sleep, reading the book instead.

I do not plan on reading any reviews of the book until after I read the book.

Write me if you have any questions.


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