Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That did not work...

Now I will try it without a picture. It was worse than ever during my last post. I used one picture but now it shows I did not create any paragraphs.

I am confused about this website. There are many ways I can change on my blog but not how to post it with proper punctuation.

Now I have six books awaiting for me at the library. I will make a trip there to pick up those books tomorrow.

A story about my stay in China. Upon arriving there, I had to go the police station to tell them where I was living, showing them the property papers of ownership of the house I was in. When I moved to Xi'an (SHE-an) I had to visit the police station there to register there again. I moved back to Shanghai for some time when I left Xi'an, I had to visit the police station yet another time, this time to tell them where I was living in Shanghai.

I am listening to a story on Talk of the Nation about the killing of a census worker in Kentucky. I rather doubt many of you would agree to visit the police station every time you move.

OK, I have some paragraphs here so I will end this now.


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