Friday, September 25, 2009

It is Friday now...

Hi again:
I washed clothes this morning. Two loads and hung the clothes on the line outside. I feel this is the last time this year I may be able to hang my clothes outside. I love the way clothes drying outside feel and smell. I will have to use the dryer from now on unless I see a sunny day in the future when I wash my clothes.
The pictures here are from our apartment complex at Depoe Bay. Both pictures I took from the lawn of our place. The top one shows a big rock that holds many birds. The white ones are seagulls and the ones on top, which are hard to see in this picture, are cormorants, long neck black birds. The bottom picture shows the small bay near the south end of this complex.
I am reading Vanished by Joseph Finder. I like his book and books he wrote previously. He is an excellent writer.
I have six books here from our library. I spend an hour each morning reading articles I transferred to my Kindle. I must do this or I will get further behind on the my reading of this stuff.
One of the books I have is a graphic novel, A.D. After the Deluge. I have trouble reading these comic novels as the story line does not flow like you read the Sunday comics.
I read an article today that Princeton is experimenting with the Kindle DX. Four classes are set up to use this larger Kindle. Texts have been downloaded to the Kindle DX and it has the abiltiy to read PDF documents. So many of these PDF documents will be transferred during the
semester. Each student is given a Kindle DX and it becomes the property of the student after successfully completing the class. Reed College in Portland is also experimenting with the Kindle DX. I will try to find more about how Reed is handling it.
I am listening to NPR programs on my computer. Instead of listening to ATC last night or Morning Edition today, I go to and download the stories I want to hear. I do not have to listen to all of the corporate tag lines or the local news or station identification. Plus if I do not like the story and don't want to hear it I simply go on to the next story.
The Jordan Dinner is this Sunday. I will make the trip over there again for this great Parrish dinner.

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