Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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The picture here is not from the Hubble Space Telescope. It is an artist's depiction of the Milky Way now, in the bigger picture, compared to the Milky Way early in its life.
I am reading The Lost Symbol. It is quite the page-turner. I am half way through it and it is hard to put down. The Catholic Church will not get upset at this book. However, the Masons may be upset as Brown reveals some secret rituals of this group.
I have the book on my Kindle as I told you. I also reserved it from the library. I picked up The Lost Symbol from the library yesterday. I will keep the book until I finish Kindle version. I am doing this in case there is a problem with the Kindle version. I will finish the book very soon so the next person who reserved the book can pick it up.
I want to read The Lost Symbol on my Kindle because of the built-in dictionary in it. I used a few times to check words I did not know or knew just a little about the word I searched in the Kindle dictionary.
I plan on going to my Dad's place this afternoon to download The Lost Symbol to his Kindle. I got him his Kindle for his birthday a year ago. His Kindle is linked to mine under one account name, meaning he gets any book I purchase for my Kindle, both books that cost me money and books I get for free from
Tomorrow we are going to Happy Valley to visit a parts store that we want to be the supplier for Green Car of America.
Time to get some lunch here.

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