Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now H

Hi again:
The pictures here are from my coast trip.
The top one is the bridge across 101 at the Otter Crest Loop exit. If you go there you can see what is in the bottom picture, whales blowing. You park at the first parking lot you see from 101. I need a longer lens to get better pictures but you can see two whales blowing right above the white area of the ocean.
There is a permanent pod of whales in this cove, or so some people told us in Depoe Bay. Also I read this in some of written material I found while there.
It is getting cooler here now, Fall is in the air. Wore long pants for the first time in a long time today. Also, last week I wore shoes for the first time all summer. I have a pair of sandals I had made for me in China for 48 rmb, about $7.00. They are so comfortable, I wore them everywhere during the summer, including to lunch and to the library today.
I sure do miss the food of China. No cheese of course, but no sugar things also. That is why I lost 50 pounds during my two years in China. I have gained back about 10 pounds since returning last December. I am sure it is the ice cream and brownies I seem to find and make so easily here.
I found out the way to use check disk on my computer. Go to My Computer, of Steve's Computer on my computer, go to your hard drive, right click on it to open it. Under Tools hit "check it now" icon and chkdsk will start. Have all of your operations closed and only this open when you do it. Mine still will not complete it for some reason, unknown to me.
I have XP in this computer. When I get a new computer at work, I am getting XP put on it again. I will not work with Vista. Two friends here have it and I cannot find my way around in it. I don't care what anyone tells me, I want XP on any new computer I get. If I cannot get the disk here, I know I can get it from a friend in China, where it cost me 10 rmb. or about $1.54 for an XP disk a Chinese friend got me. I thought it would cost 20 rmb, about $3.00 but having a Chinese buy it rather than me, a "law why"--a foreigner.
The Jordan Dinner is this weekend. It is by far the best parrish dinner around this or any other area. Jordan is about 10 miles to the southeast of Stayton. It is the parish in which I got married on Sept 11, 1971.
Hope you enjoy the rest of this week and your upcoming weekend.

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