Thursday, October 25, 2012

H today...

Hi again:

Here is what in the dorms for Foxcoon.  Four people in that.

I am reading book in my Kindle. 

I have 7 books in library.  I will go there today.

Nothing much is happening today.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday today...


I got this picture from an email I get from James Fellows of The Atlantic magazine.  It shows the inside of a factory in China.  Most employees live on the site of this factory and eat at the factory.  It makes Apple products for the American market.  It is near Shenzhen in eastern China, very near Hong Kong.

The name of this factory is Foxconn. 

I am still reading Too Big to Fail on my Kindle.  I was reading The Virgin Warrior about Joan of Arc, but it felt like reading how they make sausage.  Too much detail for my liking.  After about 50 pages I gave up on this book.

Not much else happening here.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The picture in my last post...

It works now.....I can post again.

This picture shows the 1902 wallpaper in the Brown House, which it slowly being restored. 

The picture in my last post is the outside of the Brown House.  It has been repainted and looks quite nice from the outside.  But the inside needs a lot of work to be ready as s communtiy center and a place to have wedding receptions.

Now that I can write posts on this blog again I will do so much more often than in the past.


Trouble posting to this blog

Hi again:

I have had trouble posting this blog. I keep getting the error message that I am including an empty URL in this blog.  I am not doing that.

I ran a malware program on this computer this morning.

I am half way through No Easy Day, a book about killing Osama.  After one page describing going into the house at the beginning  of the book, I am now at the stage of planning by the SEALS  to go there to do the deed.

I know it has been two weeks since trying to post to this blog. Here is hoping it works now.