Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello again:
How are you doing the week of the 4th of July? What are your plans for the weekend of the 4th? The 4th is on Saturday this year, which means most of you will take Friday off to make this a 3-day weekend.
The top picture here shows the seals waiting for the offal from cleaned fish in Depoe Bay.
The second picture shows the fresh tuna we bought in Newport yesterday. We had it cleaned and took it home whole. The next time we will have the guy cut the fish into steaks instead of having me to do it again. I had trouble cutting the tuna so the steaks are very big.
I finished reading American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon by Steven Rinella. It is a very good book. Then yesterday the Sunday Oregonian had a big story titled To Kill a Buffalo. Nice juxtaposition to have both stories one after the other. The newspaper story quotes from the book also.
We are trying to make arrangements to be at the coast this coming weekend for the 4th. We shall see if we can find an open place this late in the game.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

end of the week..almost

Hi again:

The picture here is a clam digger in Seaside. We went clam digging yesterday (Wednesday) due to the low tide on the coast at -3.0 feet. We went for just the day. We got five razor clams. I cleaned them and we are making pasta with clams tomorrow.

We are looking to go the coast for three days about a month from now. There is a series of low tides, ranging from -1.7 to -2.5 feet over those 3 days.

I do hope you found this blog site as I make reference to it on my site. In three weeks the site ends so you will find this blog only here after July 13.

At Nye Beach yesterday we had to dig with our clam guns then get down on my hands and knees to dig further with my right hand. Unlike Seaside, the clams here show themselves with just a small hole, not with the small donut or small volcano you see in Seaside. Quite a few clam diggers there in Newport yesterday.

I got a book from an online site called Razor Clams in Oregon. The book follows the coast to tell the reader where the best places to seek razor clams. There is little after Seaside, until you get to Newport, with no places listed around Lincoln City.

Speaking of Lincoln City, it was created from five cities: Oceanlake, Delake, Nelscott, Culver City and Taft. It called itself the "20 Miracle Miles." Then Governor Hatfield visited the place, calling it the "20 Miserable Miles." This created an uproar in the new city, but forced to clean up the buildings there to make them more presentable. I recall when this happened so this tells you how old I am now.

What is wrong with these Republican politicians? Now the South Carolina governor admitting an affair plus another Senator telling other lies. Hopefully we are seeing the end of the Rs. We are seeing that in Oregon, with only 8 of them in the 30 member state senate.

I am glad I am no longer in Shanghai. It is over 90 the past few days with humidity at 100%. Wet and more wet there.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday here TGIF

Hi again:

Yesterday we went to the coast to get clam guns there. None here in the middle of the Willamette Valley. We tried to find a good place to hunt for clams but the low tide yesterday afternoon was 2.0 feet.

Next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday the low tide will be very low: -3.0 feet. We are heading to Seaside to get some razor clams there. I am sure we will limit out each day (15 clams each).

I am almost finished with Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. An excellent book, as I told you before.

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I found 4 titles reviewed in my Kindle on Amazon Daily, a daily blog. I will check the library for each of them. If I do not find them I can put a request in for the books at my library branch here in Stayton. I did this with four other books I could not find there but now all four are in some library in the regional library system. We cannot get new books from the Salem branch, but we get new ones from all of the other branches in the Chemeketa Community College area. Cemetery Dance came from Newberg. Scarecrow by Michael Connelly came from the Stayton branch. A History of the World in Six Glasses came from the Monmouth library.

The picture here came from Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar in Portland.

Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi again

The picture here is an electric tricycle constructed by this ex-veteran as his main transportation. He took a Sting Ray frame as part of his bike and has the batteries under the seat.
Not much happening here today.
I am into Cemetery Dance, yet another excellent novel.
I plan to start reading one New Yorker starting tomorrow. I am about 10 issues behind once again. Each issue takes me about 2 hours to read thoroughly.
I see about 40 views of my blog at Hopefully you find the link acceptable to find this blog. Like I have been telling you, yahoo is ending its blog service. This is why you see me here instead of at yahoo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi again:

The pictures here are from the Electric Car meeting last Thursday.

The middle one shows the controller of the electric car.
The bottom picture shows the most unusual car we have seen here at this meeting.
The top one is inside this unusual car. I wonder how far it goes between charges because the small batteries are up front and not many of them.
We went fishing last night, first in the Salem Ditch that runs through Stayton. Hand-dug in the 1930's by Chinese labor, it is a nice stream. We next went to the North Santiam River to try it out.
I finished The Sign last night, after reading it for 3 nights. I gave myself 4 nights to read it but the last 125 pages were page-turners.
I am now reading Cemetery Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I read all of the other Pendergrast novels from these authors.
Dinner time here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Start of a new week

I tried something today: putting two pictures on this blog page. I could not do this on the site.
The picture to the left is for a person in China who throws away a fry pan if a hint of black appears on it. Take a close look at these pans to see they are just fine with the deep black on the bottom of each pan.
The picture to the right I took in Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar in Portland last Thursday. We went there after the electric car meeting. I had an excellent crab and shrimp stew.
I am making a clam gun from PVC pipe. I need to find someone who has PVC cleaner and PVC glue as I don't want to buy the stuff for just one cap on one pipe.
We watched Twilight last night, a DVD I got from our local library. I read all three of the Stephanie Myer books in this series. The first movie, filmed in Oregon, followed the book pretty well. The movie was OK, but for the most part I don't want to see movies of books I previously read.
I am more than half way through The Sign by Raymond Khoury. This is a very good book, with verisimilitude so good you think it is nonfiction.
We are going out for breakfast.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Good morning:

Friday is finally here ( I know, split infinitive, but as the show said long ago, " boldly go where no man has gone before...").
The picture here are some clam diggers we saw in Seaside showing us the razor clams they dug in the wet sand at in a very low time.
I am still searching a clam gun, but how that Joe's has closed, it will Big 5 sporting good store. We shall see if they have such things there.
I am still waiting for Amazon to contact me again. We published a book of poems by a friend of mine. I jumped the gun and published it without letting my friend see the typed book before publishing it. I need to delete the book to replace it with a correct copy. I will not give you the website yet to see the book on the Amazon Kindle page.
I wonder if any of you have a Kindle like me? Drop me a line of you do have one. I have never seen any other Kindles "in the wild," as it were. My dad has one but I gave it to him. His Kindle is linked to my account, which means he can get and read all of the books I bought for my Kindle. I can have up to six Kindles linked to my account.
Hope you enjoy your coming weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi again:

This is my second post here at this new blog site.

Again if you are reading it here, remember to bookmark this site:

The picture here is the Salt Works in Seaside, near the ocean. This is where two from the Lewis and Clark expedition camped here and found an excellent place to boil sea water for the salt in it. They used the salt as a preservative for foods on the trip back to Washington DC. But to me it seems a long way from the campsite above Astoria. Who knows unless it is one of the diaries kept by the travelers. I just do not know...

There is no way to see if anyone is reading this blog. In my old blog there is a counter and as of yesterday the count of views of my blog was 7, 816. I will have to explore this site more to see what options I have here.

I know the picture is placed differently here. In addition, it takes bigger size pictures than what took.

Tonight we are going to the Oregon Electric Car meeting in Portland. If any of you want to go with us, just give me a call (503-871-0201). The first hour is looking at the electric cars that members drive to the meeting. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm with this viewing of cars. I posted pictures of some of the cars there. It opens one eyes to see the different types of electric cars. If you are in or around Portland, the viewing and the meeting is at 2 World Trade Center, at Salmon and 1st Streets.

Onto different books now. A new Lincoln Childs and Douglas Preston book and The Sign by Raymond Khoury. So my poor Kindle just sits and sits.

Time for some lunch here.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First time here...

Hi from a new blog source:

I set up a new blog source as 360 is getting out of the business on July 13.

As I told you in my posting on my new address here is:

Bookmark this new page if you want to continue reading my blog.
The picture here is placed different than in yahoo. It is a view from our inn's bedroom in Seaside looking over the pool and onto the beach. This was Tuesday morning, the day after Memorial Day. No one on the beach except the clammers way out near the surf on this very low tide day.
I finished The Increment and also just finished Castle. This latter book is short, only 229 pages, but strange, bordering on scientific fiction. Both books are great reads for this summer.
Later today to library to pick up six more books plus one DVD of Twilight.
Tomorrow night we go again to the Oregon Electric Car meeting in Portland. I go there with a list of questions I want answered. This time I want to know how many amps a the electric motor draws when placed in the car. Each battery is 150 amp hours so finding out how many amps the motor draws will tell me how many batteries I must place in each car.
I am not exactly familiar with this new blog site yet to know if you can post comments on it too and how hard that will be.
Hope this is not too much a burden for you to replace my blog with this one.