Saturday, September 19, 2009

Leave in one day

Hi again:

We leave tomorrow for Depoe Bay. The picture here is part of the bay.

It is raining here today, a cool rain, but by Monday it will be 90 degrees here. We will be at the coast on Monday, and we shall see how hot it gets there.

I have some sort of bug now. I feel a cold sore inside my mouth. I am sleeping much more than usual. It is not a cold as my nose is not plugged nor are my eyes watering.

I am getting a flu shot this week for the regular flu. I got a shot in 1976 and that year it is was a swine flu shot. The news organizations tell me that a 1976 flu shot will protect me this year against the swine flu.

The Ducks are playing Utah on ESPN today, but the score is now 28-24, Ducks ahead. It is too close for me to watch so I am watching a movie instead. I will check on the game periodically, but not watch it.

Hope you enjoy your coming week.


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