Thursday, October 1, 2009

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The picture here are some very old, 1960's era, Corvettes.

The first car we will convert to all electric in our business, Green Car of America, will be a 1981 Corvette. We may buy a kit that has all of the necessary parts, except the batteries, so we can get some instructions on how to do it. I will hire mechanics who know how to take engines out of a car, but I rather doubt I can find anyone yet who knows how to install the controller, motor and batteries in an all-electric car.

Oct 1 is the 60th Anniversary of the Communist takeover of China. Yesterday and last night there we big celebrations in China but I did not see any of the coverage. The communist government is a bankrupt system. Even with the overlay of some sort of capitalism there, the underlying government promotes corruption on a grand scale. Read the book China Road by Rob Gifford to see corruption in action as the author takes the Old Silk Road from Shanghai to the western border of China. Police bribes are but a small part of the corruption in China.

My friend Wenny there, a few months ago, sought a license to start a clinic in Shanghai. She is a doctor and knows the proper people to contact in China to get such a license. She told me she had to put 80,000 rmb ($12,346) in her application in order to get a quick decision by the head official in Beijing. I asked her if that was bribe and she said yes.

I like the people of China but I absolutely hate the government of China. The Chinese people have been taught to revere Mao, but Mao is the world's worst dictator having killed more than 1,000,000 Chinese people during his disastrous reign. His Great Leap Forward, followed by the Cultural Revolution are the most ugly plans ever thought of by a world leader. Most of the Chinese died from starvation during those two events.

The Chinese government calls it missile it launches The Long March, to supposedly recall the event that Mao did not take part in, but all Chinese believe he did. During the Long March Mao waited in the house of his mistress and did not walk with his army at all.

What are your plans for the coming weekend?


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