Sunday, November 1, 2009

Now on Standard Time again.

Hi again:
I take it all of you turned back your clocks either last night or this morning. I did it this morning, thinking as I was getting up there is something I should do but could not remember it. I finally did remember it.
The Oregon game was so good last night, I count this as a great weekend, even through the hated Beavs won too. But the Oregon win last night was monumental. If the Ducks win the rest of the way, then maybe the Ducks will be playing the big guys for the national championship, assuming others lose another one in the next few weeks. The Trojans gave up only 42 points in all of its prior games, but gave up 47 points just to the Ducks.
One of my cans of asparagus did not seal yesterday. So I put new water in the jar, and put in my canner. It sealed nicely. I must remember to wash off the top of each filled jar with a damp cloth before putting on the lid. I did this and it sealed very fast after taking it out of the canner.
The picture is a triple galaxy. I am amazed the pictures the Hubble Space Telescope takes.
The TV show Lost will not be on until 2010. Now they are advertising it as the Final Season. That is 2 years too early.
The Shaw Parrish breakfast was this morning. I found out where the Knights of Columbus gets it sausage--from a place in Salem on Silverton Road. They buy 35 pounds of sausage for the breakfast, cooking it up Saturday for insertion into the gravy on Sunday morning. Like I have been telling you, it is the best sausage gravy I ever ate. One friend wrote me to tell me she makes better sausage gravy but we shall see later.
The next breakfast is December 6. I will be there as usual. I can eat one big plate of eggs, hash browns and biscuit, covered by sausage gravy. Nolan can eat two big plates of it when he goes with us, but he has not been there this year yet.
That big breakfast is enough for me for the rest of the day.
I was able to hang some clothes outside today, even though it is getting only to 59 (15 degrees Celsius). I will keep them outside for the next 3 to 4 hours to see if the towels and my flannel shirt gets dry.
I plan to take my camera outside this afternoon to take some pictures of the trees turning color.
No trick-treaters last night. Which means I get to eat the Butterfingers I bought for them.
I usually buy some candy I will never eat. Snickers or Milky Ways, for example. I do not like caramel. It is on my "cheese list"; I hate the taste of caramel, burnt sugar in my mind.
Not much else to tell you.

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