Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cloudy here

The top picture is a stream of power coming from a star in a nova.
The bottom picture from one of my favorite TV shows, Glee. It on TV every Wednesday. I was in Glee in high school, but not like this glee club.
It has been raining here this morning, but is partly cloudy now. I hung some towels outside and I am watching the weather closely the weather. I do not want to get my clothes rained on this afternoon.
I am still reading Cheating Death. It is a most interesting book.
There is now a Kindle application for the computer. I downloaded this morning and it looks OK, but I still do not like to read stuff on my computer. I would much rather read articles on my Kindle.
This morning, I put 5 articles from the Atlantic online for my Kindle. Much better to read on my Kindle.
I did find out I can download the Kindle for your PC application to five different computers.
Let us hope it does not rain during the next two hours.


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