Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey in the oven now...


My turkey is in the oven now. I forgot to take the giblets out of the neck cavity so I just did that, about an half an hour into cooking. But the turkey is now in the oven again.

If I stand up too long I feel my back getting worse. I feel a spasm going on and it hurts like crazy then. I almost dropped my 17.5 pound turkey putting it in the oven as my back was in spasm at that point.

Did you go shopping yesterday or are you shopping online more this year?

The picture here are workers at a factory in China. Notice two things about the picture: one, every employee wears a uniform and two, they are all standing in order like during a fire drill or waiting to start work. Both things you do not see in the United States.

I must admit I slept most of the day yesterday as it helps my back heal. So I was up for about an hour at 1:00 am.

Hope you have a good holiday weekend.


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