Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday night here...

Hi again:
This is a very sad picture of dead soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The military does not like to release these pictures but this one appeared on the James Fallows email I get every day.
My back still hurts but now it hurts in one place, on the lower left side. I do believe I pulled a muscle in my lower back trying to get the refrigerator into the house last week. I was pulling it up three stairs in the back of the house. I got it up two steps but I could not get up the top step. I pulled and pulled and then I felt a severe back spasm. The rest of my lower back has healed pretty good but the left lower back is very sore now.
I opened a jar of my canned pears today. I canned them with the peelings on the pears. They are so very good this way.
The closer it gets to Wednesday the more I think 60 is the new 40.
I am growing my mustache again. I started it when I was 19 and in college. After a few months of it, I started to grow a beard also but after two weeks I noticed it was coming in dark red. My dad has red hair and some of his brothers and sisters have red hair. I thought I missed this recessive gene but it displayed itself in my beard. Needless to say I shaved my beard, never to try it again. At the time, my hair was dark brown, so with a dark red beard does not seem to go together.
I promised myself I would cut back on ordering books from the library, but on weekends on
C-Span 2 there is BookTV which provides me with great suggestions.
Have you seen the TV ad for the Amazon Kindle yet. I saw it last night (actually I had to stop fast-forwarding through the commercials to watch it).

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