Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday morning

Good morning:
The two pictures here are the most diverse. The bottom is a nebula fracturing light. The top one is a guy trying to launch his new boat.
Last night I started typing one of Raymond Geraths epic poems. I started with shortest one, 45 pages long. I got 10 pages typed last night; I plan to type 20 pages today and the rest tomorrow. Ray's handwriting is worse than mine so there are many ***** for Nolan to look at when he returns here on Monday.
It is cold and wet here today. I have four books and one DVD waiting for me at the library. I will ride my bike there later this morning.
Later today I will find out if this is a good weekend or great weekend, depending on how big the Ducks win and the how much the Beavers lose.

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