Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday evening

Hi again:

A good weekend as the Ducks pull it out in two overtimes. But the Beavers won too, so that makes it a good weekend, not a great weekend.

On Thursday Dec. 3 the Ducks and the stupid beavs play with the winner going to the Rose Bowl. I remind everyone again that last year the beavs had the chance to go to the Rose Bowl but lost to my Ducks as the Ducks scored 65 points against the beavs defense.

I wonder if my headache all day today is a result of no caffeine here today. I usually drink four cups of coffee each day but today I did not drink any. I have a sinus headache all day today. No pills or an hour nap failed to get rid of my headache.

Tomorrow I will make decaffeinated coffee to wean myself off of caffeine. I will see if this headache goes away by tomorrow morning.

I rarely get headaches so having one all day is unusual for me.

My back gets better if I take 3 pills each morning. It has been getting better all day today.

The picture here is Haystack Rock near Seaside on the northern Oregon coast.


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