Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nice day today

Hi again:

The picture tells the story of it.

Today is a very nice day. We took a two hour walk this morning to visit some homes we are considering buying. I will post some pictures later here to show the house we picked to buy once the grant comes in.

Have you gotten a swine flu shot yet? I have the regular flu shot already, but I may not get the swine flu shot. I believe the swine flu is affecting young children and younger adults. I have not heard older people like me getting the swine flu.

I know the years I get a flu shot, I do not get the flu. Those years I do not get a flu shot, I get the flu.

Do you read on a Kindle? If so,write to me to tell me that. I published two books of poetry by other authors. My last book is by the late Raymond Geraths. He was a devout Catholic so many of his poems reflect that faith.

I will send you the link to this book of poetry is you indeed read a Kindle.

Are you enjoying your day today?


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