Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday evening

Hi again:

My back is now just very stiff. I do not want to do anything quickly as it may go into a spasm again.

The picture here is Uranus, which rotates on it east/west axis, not like all other planets.

I took a muscle relaxer pill today. It knocked me out for over 2 hours this afternoon. I will stay up later tonight as a result of that long nap.

I am taking my turkey out of the refrigerator tonight and I plan to cook it on Friday. On Thursday, we are going to my brother's home in Wilsonville.

I picked up four books at the library today. I may read only one or two of them. Right now, I started True Compass, the memoir of Ted Kennedy. He was a liberal like me.

Tomorrow I will drive Nolan to his doctor's appointment in Salem. I take my Kindle with me and I will finish at least five stories on it waiting for him to finish with with his doctor.

I do hope this is a short week for all of my readers. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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