Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day off?


The picture here is a sidewalk in downtown Stayton. See the date on the sidewalk, 1919. Only the oldest part of town has old sidewalks like this one.

I will take bike ride around downtown Stayton, taking more pictures, to give you a better idea what it looks like. Of course, that ride will be on a day that is nice outside, not like the past few days or even today.

Last night Frontline on PBS had two hours on Sick in America. The first hour showed us the good health care systems around the world, in England, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland. Each of those countries have good health care, compared to the broken-down system we have in America. The second hour looked at the major problems with our health care system. It showed Microsoft, with free health care insurance for its employees. The best example of how it does work but this is just for Microsoft. What Congress is working on is a band-aid and not much more. Go to to watch the two hours of the show, the one showing the health care programs around the world and then getting sick in America.

You will get sick watching the second hour, especially after watching the first hour.

The R's in Congress just want to continue with our existing health care system. Republicans now make us just 20% of the voters now. With this attitude and the strong move the far right, that percentage will fall even lower. Too bad we cannot find a good third party to fit the most of us liberals.

The business model for insurance companies is to insure the healthy and eliminate the unhealthy.

Why do we put up with this especially when we see what other countries do for its citizens?

Banks and the post office are closed today for Veteran's Day.

I do not know why the paragraph separation works at times and not at other times. We shall see how it works now.


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