Thursday, November 5, 2009

H here now...

H stands for Thursday; I get this from my time at the U of O. Classes were on M, U, W, H and F.
The picture here is my last picture of the great white shark. Interesting, this top predictor in the ocean. Or at least I thought this to be top predator until on NOVA I saw a great white attacking a seal, but a killer whale snaps on to the shark. Now we know the top predator in the sea.
Last night I felt I was getting a cold, but after 9 hours of sleep I feel better today. I have a headache, something I hardly ever get.
We went to the dump today, to take all of the paint products to the dump. There you go up the building, stay in your car and the clerks take away the paint from your vehicle. They mix it together to get a grey paint they sell there. But you better the correct amount of grey for your needs, as the next batch will be a different shade of grey.
I do plan to take it easy as I am afraid of catching the cold...or worse. It is lunch time but I am not hungry at all.
The rain has started outside.

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