Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, Monday.....


Not too bad a of a day here. No rain but cold outside.

The picture here is from the Sagittarius galaxy. This is what I am with a December birthday coming up.

I will be 60 next week, but I don't feel that old. Like my cousin told me a few years ago as she turned 60, 60 is the new 40. So instead of being 60 I really am 40 now. That is more like it....

I made some brownies yesterday and today I put some of my canned peaches on them. So good....

I put a note on Twitter and on Facebook about writing this blog. I wonder if I will get other readers from other parts of the country.

We are finished with a re-reading and more corrections of Ray's poems. We edited them and edited them before we published the first version, but since then we found more and more mistakes, including three today. Tonight Nolan will read the originals of the poems to me as I have them on my computer. We will make one final correction in this way, then I will publish version II on the Kindle. It will take a few days before this new version is up on the Amazon Kindle page.

I joined a few Christian blogs today in order to promote the book of poetry on those sites. If only they knew what I believe and do not believe.....

Ray was a devote Catholic and his poems reflect those ideas.

Almost time for dinner here.


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