Friday, November 20, 2009

Raining on Friday

Hi again:

The picture here shows what 10 pounds of prunes look like after they have been dried. It filled a large bowl and I have eaten them all by now. Next summer I will try to get 35 pounds of prunes to dry in order get more than I got this year.

We have another rain storm here, the third one or so this season. This means we are getting a lot of snow in the mountains. I used to ski but have not done so for many years. I do not know if I will try to ski this year. I do wonder what lift tickets cost these days, both at Bachelor and Hoodoo.

No one interested in my friend's property I listed here a few days ago?

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I am going to my brother's place in Wilsonville this year. We have two frozen turkeys here. I got my last one at Winco for $3.85; it is 17.5 pounds. It was 22 cents per pound if you bought $50.00 worth of other groceries.

Are any of you going to buy the Palin book? Not me, even though we can get it for $9.00 at Amazon, Walmart or Target. I have no interest in her. I do hope she runs for President in 2012 as Obama will destroy her in an election then.

I have been using Fuji apples for my apple crisp. I can cook it for only 30 minutes or the crust will get too hard. Fuji apples need a longer cooking time. I still have some here so I will try to cook the apples for 10 minutes first before adding the topping to see how that works.

I plan to see New Moon tonight. I will go the Star Theatre in Stayton, which is showing it. I am a senior for pricing there. Instead of paying the $7.00 regular fee, I pay $5.00.

Enjoy your weekend.


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