Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi again


How are you doing this late in the week?

The picture is one of my "oh sh..." ones. I have 12 of them so you will see more of them in later posts.

I had tea this morning but I watched Black Coffee on TV, recorded from last night. This episode was on The Perfect Cup, which got me thinking about a good cup of coffee. I made one using my single serve set-up. The coffee is much better this way so I may try making it again tomorrow. I usually use a French Press, which makes excellent coffee but not as good as my single serve set-up.

We shall see how drinking coffee affects my sleeping tonight. Usually, drinking coffee in the afternoon severely affects my sleep pattern.

I spent this day taking it easy after returning from the dump. I still not feel very good, but we shall see how it goes tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am hooking up an older VCR to my TV here. I have a few tapes to watch so I can see them. I have a channel 3 come up on my TV, so we shall see how this will work.

I have a DVR in my DirectTV receiver so I record my TV shows on that device.

It is now past 4:00 pm and I still have had no lunch. I am just not hungry. I ate two pancakes for breakfast and nothing since. We shall see how much dinner I eat.

Write me if you have any questions or comments about what I write here or what I fail to write on this blog.


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