Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday....


The picture here shows dust clouds in space.

I am almost finished reading Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer. It is an excellent book, telling me clearly the President needs to get out of Afghanistan. Set the same time frame to get out Iraq and get out of that country too. Pat Tillman, the NFL player who signed up for the Army Rangers after 9/11, giving up a $3.6 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The Introduction to the book tells us Tillman was killed by friendly fire. Another friendly fire incident happened within days of "rescue" of Jessica Lynch, in which 17 of the 18 who died were killed by friendly fire. The book is the story of Pat Tillman and his family and friends plus stories of friendly fire throughout both countries.

I cooked another apple crisp, this time cooking it longer, 32 minutes. This is as long as I want to cook it as the topping gets too hard if I cook it longer. The apples, Fuji this time, need to be cooked longer so I will cut the apples into smaller pieces the next time I make one. Maybe my apples will get softer this way.

Have a good week.


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