Friday, November 27, 2009

Blue? Tan? White?, Black Friday?????


The picture here is a very low tide showing what it looks like on the Newport Waterfront.

You usually see water here, but this a is negative low tide showing the muddy sand.

My back is getting better as each day comes and goes. I do plan on taking it easy over the next few days to see how I recover from the back spasm I suffered a few days ago.

I did eat too much yesterday, so much that I had just a small piece of apple pie for dessert. My brother Randy and his wife, Colleen, prepared a feast for all of us. I ate just one plate of food, but it filled me to over full.

BookTV is four days this weekend, so I am watching six programs I recorded so far this weekend.

You know I am a liberal so I assume not all readers agreed with the the 27 Reasons to Give Thanks I posted yesterday. If you want, you can give me your thoughts on that list.


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