Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day before Turkey Day...


My back is aching so bad today. I rode my bike to the store and then came back to cook two apple crisps. One is for my brother's dinner tomorrow, where I am going for turkey. The other apple crisp is for me.

I use Fuji apples, a harder winter apple. I have to pre-cook the apples for 10 minutes alone. I then add the topping and cook the thing for another 30 minutes. In this way the apples get soft.

The picture here are of the same thing, the butterfly galaxy. The pictures are taken at varying distances. The newly-repaired Hubble Space Telescope takes such interesting pictures.

I have been applying a heat pad to my lower back. This gives me great relief.

Tomorrow I will give you 27 reasons to give Thanks on Thanksgiving. It came from a liberal think tank in Washington. I made copies for Nolan and Connie. Nolan is such a conservative he believes everything Bill O'Reilly and that dunce Glenn Beck say.


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