Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend is here...

Hello again:

I hate to keep reminding you of what happened on 9/11 but these are new pictures just released from a news helicopter. It shows the smoke and dust from the first tower falling.

Are you watching the Olympics? Not me, as I have no interest in this; when I was in China I had to watch the Summer Olympics which we the most boring Opening and Closing Ceremonies I have ever witnessed.

I heard on the Kindle Chronicles podcast this morning that Amazon Prime customers (those who pay $79.95 a year to get two-day free shipping from Amazon) may be getting a free Kindle. It is not set yet, but in the works.

I plan to spend the day reading. I have not spent a weekend reading in some time, so this weekend, where it is raining out, is perfect for doing nothing but reading. I have two books here from the library and four more waiting for me. Plus, I have so much on my Kindle...

Hope your weekend goes well.


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