Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now, today is Thursday

Good morning:
This picture shows the battery pack for the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car coming out later this year. It has only 48 lithium ion batteries, giving it about 100 miles between charging. We plan to put nearly 100 lithium ion FE batteries in cars here, giving us more than 200 miles between charges.
With the Leaf, you buy the car but lease the batteries as Nissan does not know how long the batteries last so it will replace batteries as they lose power.
I am typing the late Raymond Geraths poem, Redemption. It is 56 pages long, hand-written. I type about six pages per day and I have less than 20 pages to go now. We are planning on publishing this on the Kindle after July 1. That is when the author's share of each book sold goes from 35% to 70%.
It has been warm enough the past two days here to go outside in shirt-sleeves. Feels nice to have spring-like weather.
I have one bunch of rhubarb coming up now. I wonder if I need to fertilize it? What are your thoughts on fertilizing rhubarb?
I watched curling on the Olympics last night. What a strange sport......
As I mentioned yesterday, I thought yesterday was Thursday, now today is Thursday.
Have a good day.

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