Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Feb 14....


The picture is one of the towers falling on 9/11.

Today is Valentine's Day, the first year of the Chinese New Year (year of the Tiger) and the 151st birthday of Oregon.

I was 10 years old in 1959, the 100th birthday of Oregon. Many men, but not me, obviously, grew beards to be like founders of Oregon in 1859.

I did try to grow a beard in college to go with my moustache. My moustache came out fine, but as my beard grew it came in dark red. My father was known as Red as a youngster, due to his red hair. I thought the red gene had bypassed me but there it was in my beard. Needless to say, that beard did not last long. With dark brown hair and dark brown moustache, a dark red beard certainly did not look right...

I have a cold so I am taking pills that not to make me drowsy. But not in me. I take one 24 pill and it knocks me out.

Dinner time here.


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