Saturday, February 6, 2010

A movie celebration..

Hi again:

The picture here is Miss Expo. The World's Fair is in Shanghai later this year. I may time my trip there to see the World's Fair, now called Expo.

This has been a Peter O'Toole week for movies. First, I watched The Man of LaMacha, then Becket and today How to Steal a Million.

Each movie on TCM are excellent. I picked these movies not knowing O'Toole was in each one.

I have recorded The Magnificent Seven and How the West Was Won. I don't think Peter O'Toole is in either one.

The hot water repairman is coming at 6:15 tonight. I hope he can fix the water heater. I think we need a new one as hitting the reset button on the water heater does nothing to it.

Have fun watching the football game tomorrow.


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