Tuesday, February 9, 2010

U here and dry


The picture here is one of a series from my friend Bill in Eugene. These are identified as identity theft pictures as one in the picture is a fraud. I will post a few more of these in the coming days.

I went to the library today to read the yesterday's and today's paper. I wanted to read the reports on the football game.

Listening to podcasts today. The New Yorker comment is here every week. I am listening to How Stuff Works podcast. Today is on SWAT teams and how they work. Their podcast comes out twice a week.

I un-thawed some raspberries yesterday, which I got at the NORPAC company store in Salem. Cold raspberries are so good.

Still no hot water here yet. The new one is here but tomorrow morning the repairman will finish his project by putting it in. I took sort of shower today, with two big pots of warm water. I feel so much better doing that.

Only one book from the library today. I reduced my waiting list from 14 to 8 yesterday, canceling six of them, books I wanted to read but I can wait until sometime later.

My Kindle is getting more stuff I need to read. The March issue of The Atlantic came out today online so I added 3 more articles from it to my Kindle. I am now up to 55 pages on my Kindle page, with 12 per page. I have a SD card in my Kindle that is 2.0 GB. With 55 pages the space is now 1.1 GB left on the card.

A few days ago I wrote a comprehensive report on my accident on April 1, 1992. Write me or make a comment on this blog if you have any comments or questions about my report.

Have a good week.


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