Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend approaches


The picture here is one of the main actress's on Royal Pains, a TV show that I like to watch but has not been on TV for some time.

It is not raining here today, for a nice surprise. We are suffering from a strong El Nino this year, according to a story on NPR this morning. More rain in California and big storms in the Midwest. The mid-Atlantic states are getting a big snow storm again these coming days.

TMC is showing Oscar-winning movies this week and next. Tonight I am recording at least four of them, a few of which I saw many years ago and some I have never saw.

With DirectTV here now, I can record 2 shows at a time and watch a recorded show while the two shows are recording. With our former DISH network here I could not watch a TV show if the recorder was recording just one show. Worse like in the old days of VCR....

I am not watching the Super Bowl again this year. I never watch it if I can help it. Instead, I recorded Lawrence of Arabia two nights ago and I will watch that long show on Sunday afternoon instead of football.

Plus I have 3 books here I want to get through in the next few weeks. One is 1491 a story of what America was like before the white man came here.

I also have the sixth season of 24 here in DVD to watch tonight and tomorrow. I have not seen the seventh season listed anywhere. I know I am recording 24 as it comes on each week. I will watch those shows once I get through the DVDs of prior seasons.

I failed to watch the last eight episodes of Lost before the new year started last Wednesday. So I must watch last season's shows before I can watch the new season this year.

I bought the earlier seasons of Lost while in China. One season of Lost cost me 20 rmb, about $2.93. I may have left those in China.

I am now on draft number 12 of Raymond Geraths epic poem, Redemption. I am giving Nolan just one more read before we call an end to the edits and put it on the Kindle page as a free item. We wrote up just 14 pages of this 54 page tome. Creation is 49 pages and the last one, Sanctification is the long one at 91 pages.

Once we get those poems typed up I am giving Nolan only six times to read and correct items, not the 12 to 15 he gets with this partial poem.

At 14 pages of Redemption, we are only have 26% of that poem finished.

Hope your weekend goes well.


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