Friday, February 19, 2010

Tis the weekend now...

Hi again:

I know I showed you this picture before, but now I am reading the book that shows this picture: Nothing to Envy. It is about North Korea. This picture shows the country at night, where there is no electricity. During the 1970's North Korea had plenty of electricity and food, but the policies of the last two dictators of this country caused this country to fall from being a developed country to becoming one of the worst of the 3rd world countries.

With no lights outside in any city, the book opens with a story of a young girl who meets her boyfriend after dinner where they can walk and talk in the dark city. They walk to parks and other places, all out of electricity. The parks are broken down, with many trees cut down for firewood.

Most of her book comes from North Koreans who defected from the North and now live in South Korea. This is an excellent book about North Korea, now in control of the worst dictator in the world now. He perpetuates the policies of his dictator father, both the worst kind of men.

The book title comes from a common slogan around North Korea that says: North Koreans have nothing to envy in the west. Right, no electricity and no food, now a 3rd world country that once was a developed country.

It was warm here again today. I think will have one more good day before the rains return. I used the clothes line to dry clothes yesterday. It was so nice to have clothes dry outside.

I have been typing the poem all week long, but I will not type on the weekend. Instead, I have a book on Frontpage 2003 to start work on a webpage for our new company.

I dropped my computer a few days ago, so now I have one black line that looks like a stripped feather crossing my screen from the middle to the right corner of the screen, ending in the feather top. I don't know how to fix this or even it is possible to fix it.

I don't want a new computer with Vista or Windows 7. I want another one with XP only. I also want the 2003 versions of Microsoft Office, not the later versions. These are the main reasons I want to fix this computer and not get a new one. Tomorrow I will post a picture showing what my computer screen looks like now.

Have a good weekend.


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