Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Hi again:

Stayton has 3 waterways running through it. This picture shows the Salem Ditch, which is what we call it. Dug in the 30's to be a source of water for a mill. It comes from the Santiam River by a gate. Chinese men dug this stream.

The Santiam River is our southern border. It is a big river.

The third waterway running through Stayton is the Power Canal. Again, it was dug in the 30's to run an electric power plant. Again, it comes through a gate on the Santiam River and has big fall in one place, to operate a generator.

I just remembered there is a fourth waterway in Stayton. It parallels the North Santiam River. The power canal dumps into it; there is quite a fall for the power plant.

We can fish in the North Santiam River and the Salem Ditch but not the Power Canal or the 4th waterway. Years ago we used to be able to fish these two waterways but not now. I am going to send a letter to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to ask that these two waterways be opened to fishing again.

Years ago, when I was on the Board of Directors of the Stayton-Sublimity Chamber of Commerce, I gave this town the name of Rivertown. It stuck so now many people call this place Rivertown.


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