Monday, February 15, 2010

Federal holiday today

Good morning:

The picture here is a house on the top of a mountain. This is one of Bill's Heaven on Earth series of picture he sent me a few months ago.

It is Presidents' Day here, a federal holiday, but not a state holiday. Banks and post office is closed but everything else is open.

I am reading The Vagrants, a novel of China a few years after the Cultural Revolution and after the world's worst dictator, Mao, died. It takes place in an area of China called Muddy River. I don't think this place exists but it is an excellent novel. I like reading novels and nonfiction about China. I guess it sparked my interest during the two years I spent there.

My next book is 1491, a book of what America was like before us white people came and destroyed most of them.

I do hope your week goes well.


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