Monday, February 8, 2010

M here

Hi again:
I thought you may see what I looked like in China. This picture was taken in Hong Kong with downtown Hong in the background.
I am watching a movie I recorded a few days ago: On the Beach, a 1960 black and white movie. Watching it I thought of the book by Nevil Shute. I do believe I read this book in high school but I ordered it from our local library to read again. I also have Catcher in the Rye coming from our library, another book I read in high school but not in school.
We could never the nuns to let us read a book like this for a class. We had enough trouble my junior year to let us read a book different from the one scheduled. We convinced our nun/teacher to let us read Lord of the Flies.
I developed my reading habits in high school. By the time I started working in the cannery during summers I found myself reading 5,000 pages each summer as I worked a graveyard shift.
Reading is my avocation.
The last two days I spent watching season six of 24, so not much reading over the weekend. I got the DVD set from our library here. I will go the library tomorrow to ask them to buy season seven of the series. I would rather much watch the DVDs of the long TV series like this than watching every week. My DVR is recording season eight now, but I will wait some weeks to watch it.
I take everyone who watched the football game yesterday enjoyed it. I watched 24 instead, from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm and then finished it this morning early when I got up.
I have another black and white movie to watch tonight. Seven Days in May was a favorite book of mine in high school. I read it once every summer for four years. This is how I came to love political novels and mystery novels.
Somehow I got on the mailing list of these crazy right-wing nuts. Each has a survey enclosed. I fill out beyond what they expect, plus I put Go To H... and F...You on every demand for money. I hope they get the point and take me off their mailing lists.
Have a great week coming...

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