Tuesday, February 23, 2010



The picture here is the covered bridge in Pioneer Park. This bridge (actually is predecessor) was moved here from Jordan Creek by the National Guard and volunteers. Linn County was going to destroy this bridge when it going to replace it. But some thoughtful people here (including yours truly) came up with the idea of moving to our park. The original bridge was destroyed by a fire due to faulty Christmas lights. Volunteers and a mill worked together to replace it just like the way it appeared.

For some years during Summefest we played bridge on the bridge. It was indeed fun to sit at bridge table on the deck on the bridge.

It is finally raining here, but not hard. I plan on going to Safeway this afternoon to complete a list I have here.

I finished typing Redemption, all 56 pages of hand-written of an epic poem. I typed about six pages a day, but not on weekends. My next typing job is another epic poem called Creation. It is 46 pages long. I will type it but I will not type the last one, Sanctification, as it is 97 pages long.

I do hope your week is going well.


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